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I have E10 at my house and have recently shifted to OVO. Many posters on this website seem not to understand how to get the best out of E10. I make sure that I shift as much of my power usage to the three cheaper periods. I have timers on the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher and regularly check that they are “in synch” with the cheaper times. That’s easy if your hot water heater has a neon or LED on the switch as mine does. (Alternatively if your hearing is good you can actually hear the water heating element power up– sounds like a kettle!) My meter does NOT change to BST so I leave the other timers on permanent GST as well. The one thing that is a bit of a nuisance- most newer washing machines etc have electronic controls which will only hold their settings when powered on. How I get around this is to temporarily power the device(over-ride the time switch or plug in to a non-switched socket) whilst making the various settings then unplug and replug into the timer. The settings will then “stick” and all will work when the “cheap time” occurs. When I upload my meter readings to OVO I consider myself “failed” if the website doesn’t query my readings! My cheap rate consumption (4) is always much higher than my normal rate (1) It’s entirely honest but quite satisfying for a nerd like me!