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My existing contract with SSE, 1 year fixed rate v6 E10, expires on 18 April 2017, their quote for my payments after that date would change to £233 per month from the present £171 per month. I rang customer services to ask about fixed rate deals and have been quoted for 1 year fixed rate v10 E10 a monthly £230. I queried the individual rates and was quoted peak 19.39p (up from 11.98p on v6), off-peak 12.85p (up from 7.94 on v6), standing charge 14.80p (down from 21.92 on v6). This is a 61.8% increase apart from the standing charge.

I see from your compiled prices at Dec 2016 SSE rates were13.7p and 9.5p for v9, so this is a massive increase since December 2016 (35-40%). Has anyone else seen this? I will now be looking to change suppliers.