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Hey Phil

I hear you, when compared to E7 it looks as though we are being taken advantage of and with the prepayment price cap the likes of SSE are cheaper on prepay than DD on E10, suppliers are always going on about DD being cheaper to administer so they pass on the savings, that’s clearly not happening, the vast majority of the big six who offer E10 also only offer a variable tariff, I believe SSE being the exception so we pay their highest prices. Thankfully due to smaller suppliers offering e10 on e7 rates things have improved a little, but getting a supplier to confirm if they support e10 is inconsistent. I know ofgem investigated THTC heating(another legacy tariff) a few years back and they concluded it was competitively priced even though there was only one other supplier available to customers outside of the default regional supplier pre deregulation, it was difficult to switch to and they considered it a “premium” tariff so I wouldn’t hold your breath for ofgem to step in as they have with prepay.

Re smart meters, I recently saw ofgem correct eon on twitter – A customer asked if they had to have a smart meter installed eon said yes, ofgem advised that everyone must be offered a smart meter by 2020 they are not obliged to accept it personally, watching eon backtrack was hilariou

OK rant reply over