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We too had the” Heatwise coming to an end ” letter from eon a few weeks ago. We have been on the heatwise plus economy 7 tarriff since moving into our current property 22 years ago. We have storage heaters and two immersion heaters for hot water. At first I went into a mild panic but then having talked it through with a complex metering advisor at eon decided to go ahead and move onto the economy 10 tarriff.
The new Smart meter ( yes it is definitely a smart meter ) was installed very efficiently over a week ago and so far is working out well. I have always taken daily meter reads which meant I had to go outside into my front porch ( where the meter is situated) now I can check the nifty little display unit inside the house so that’s a bonus. I have been able to see exactly what appliances are drawing the power and I also get an off peak during the day and evening which is very useful if I need to put the washing machine on etc. I have tested the storage heater circuit and they definitely switch on and off automatically at the off peak times. For information the meter installer fitted a separate box linking our heating circuit to the new meter. Having monitored our usage over the last week we are spending less per day than the same week last year( as I said before I took daily readings with the previous meter ). From our point of view the meter change has been a positive step. Only time will tell whether this is true during the colder more costly winter months. I’ll keep you posted