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email received from OVO 21/3/18:
Hello Mark,

Thank you getting in touch. I hope I am able to answer your queries below.

* Yes we support Eco10 meters but on Eco 7 rates but these are split to different peak and off peak hours throughout the day.
* The cost to have an Eco10 meter installed is £57.75 for a single phase meter and £99.75 for a three phase meter.
* We do take on ,ore complex Eco10 meters however we may not be able to bill the customer in the way that they had been billed by the previous supplier. This depends on the TPR (Time Pattern Regime) structure.
* Any Economy 10 meters installed by Ovo via Lowri Beck will have one supply and one meter with two registers, one for peak usage and one for off-peak usage.

I hope this has been of some assistance to you.

Kind regards,