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email from Good Energy 22/3/18:
Hi Mark,
Thank you for your email.
Yes, we can support most Economy-10 meters. However, we would advise customers to always call in (0800 254 0004) first so we can check the specific Economy-10 supply and confirm whether or not we can definitely supply the Economy-10 meter. Currently our website is not built to quote Economy 10 meters. The pricing is only available over the phone.
Yes, the single MPAN/twin rate meter is the simplest Economy-10 meter set-up. However, this doesn’t mean that we would not be able to supply the more complex set-ups. Again, this is why we recommend the customer calls in to double check we can take on their specific supply and advise them of the correct pricing.
I hope this information is useful and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Kind regards,