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email received from Octopus 23/3/18:
Hi Mark,

    Yes, we would bill them on a standard peak/off-peak tariff set up for eco 10 – we don’t have a peak/off-peak/super off-peak tariff (I believe some of the bigger suppliers have specific tariffs like this for white meters & comfortplus).
    We would charge a second standing charge if the customer had two MPAN’s.
    My understanding of most three rate meters is that there will be a peak/off-peak meter and a single rate meter on two MPAN’s; we would bill the two rate meter on a peak/off-peak tariff, and the single rate meter on a single rate tariff.
    Currently, we’d be unable to exchange a meter for an economy 10 meter. I know that some suppliers are able to do this, but currently we’ve not got the contracts in place with our engineering firm to fit an eco 10. This may change at some point.