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email received from Gulf Gas and Power 22/3/18:
Hi Mark,

We are currently in the process of refining our prices and quotes to meet other meter requirements, however at this time we only quote a standard single rate. We will shortly be moving into Economy 7 and offering these prices along the with the single rates for our domestic customers, Economy 10 is not currently in our short term pricing options.

Our overall strategy eventually is to move into the Smart Metering world and as with all other domestic suppliers we are obligated under license conditions to fit and install Smart capable Metering or SMETS type meters not specifically Economy 10 Meters.

We are a fairly new supplier to the market and will utilise the more common types of meter set ups as described above in the domestic market but will look into more complex meter type set ups when we eventually move into taking small to medium business types.

KInd Regards,