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Just for my pennyworth,
You cannot be forced to have a smart meter.
If you opt in that is your choice!

There are many reasons why you might want to opt out.

I have two sons who still live at home (22 and 27) both with Chronic Fatigue.
We would not want the additional health threat to them.

2.4Ghz is a microwave frequency that is used to transmit not only your data but everyone elses data via your meter as it is used as a retransmission point so smart meters can get the network coverage without installing additional hardware.

Savings are caviated by “you have to turn things off” its not automated.
There is only one reason Smart meters are being installed – so time of use (TOU) tariffs can be introduced.
Canada and USA started it – a disaster – bills through the roof.

Not on my door step – sorry rant over.