Reply To: Together Energy


Having been with Together Energy for over a year now I have renewed on a new fixed tariff. However, I have been very unsatisfied with their accounting, received no bills for the whole year. I had no requests for meter readings so they had nothing to calculate from.

When I received the new quotation I sent a meter reading through their website. This then said a bill was being calculated but every time I checked back this was still the case and no bill was forthcoming. I phoned them and complained and they promised a bill within 7 days – nothing. Phoned again, now a couple of weeks later so new meter reading, again promised in 7 days – result nothing. Website still said bill calculating, were processing information from my last supplier (over a year after transferring). Sent a letter of complaint (emailed), threatened to go to ombudsman – no response. Finally phoned again and complained about lack of bills and was promised a manual bill. This has finally arrived but I don’t think it is accurate – it covers 13 months all billed at one contract rate despite the new contract. I now have to check my bank account to work out how much I have paid since the beginning and calculate my own bill to work out my current balance – they show I am in credit to over £650 but I think I owe them for the the first year as my consumption was up.

I will be staying with them until I resolve this issue to my satisfaction but may then look around at other deals, purely on the basis of lack of customer service.