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Well done Mark with this new site…

We are on year 2 of a 3 year deal with iSupply. We use E10 on their E7 rates and find the E10 timing very good and cheap if used ‘intelligently’ (ha-ha… (or in the modern idiom LOL!)).
We have had no trouble at all with this company and are regularly updated and notified when messages are on their website for us. We have a single 2-tariff meter and were previously using EDF fixed tariff as this was the supplier when bought the property.

Our storage rads are very old and we manually turn them on and off or via their respective mains switches. We sometimes use only the afternoon period (to heat for the evening) because the house otherwise too warm into the overnight period and then overheats in the 5-hour period into the early morning. I would imagine E7 users are well aware and frustrated by their 7-hour block-timing which is leaves their houses only comfortable for breakfast and then wallet-busting to keep the house warm into the evening.
We control hot water via a digital timer which has a backup battery to keep the clock alive when we manually turn the power off (often do this in summer).

I have heard today that EDF and others about to hike the price of electricity (end-of-Summer 2018) again so hold-on tight…