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Very glad to see you back Mark ! I was beginning to think this website was no longer in operation.I would like to contribute with a word of warning to other economy 10 users regarding the utility company “Together Energy” based in Scotland. I am in the process of leaving this dreadful company who I have been with for the previous year.In that whole year I have not had a proper, accurate bill ! This is a company in chaos and subject of numerous complaints online by an army of dissatisfied customers.In my experience over the past year, Together Energy do not respond to emails or formal complaints.From what I read in the numerous internet complaints, several customers have reported Together Energy to the energy ombudsman.The Together Energy online customer portal has not been in operation for the last year and electricity bills are simply unavailable.After numerous attempts to obtain my electricity bill, I have at length been sent a written, manually generated bill only to discover it is not accurate.To date, I have never received an accurate bill from Together Energy.My advice to users of this website is to do yourself a big favour and avoid Together Energy like the plague ! Their customer service is really appalling and they are by far the worst utility company I have ever come across.Together Energy seemed to start off well but ended up becoming a complete and utter nightmare of a company.I am in the process of transferring my electricity business from “Together Energy” to “Tonik Energy”and it can not happen quick enough for me.I am joining the Tonik Energy “Positively Green V20” fixed tariff with NO EXIT Fees.I live in London #rates removed#.

Many thanks to you Mark for keeping this very helpful website up and running.I appreciate your help and advice.