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Hi Michael
Thanks for that and what you say makes sense. My usage is around 50% off peak and comparing Economy 10 with a standard single tariff from the same supplier I am saving 25%.

However because other suppliers are considerably cheaper for Economy 7 and/or single tariffs there are still considerable savings for me to make by moving away from Economy 10.

I have been in discussions with Bulb Energy and I am waiting clarification as to whether they will only supply me on a single tariff but with my economy 10 meter (i.e. I supply them two readings) or whether they will supply me with an Economy 7 tariff on my economy 10 meter.

Either way I can save between 24 and 29% against my current supply costs.

If they do confirm Economy 7 pricing for Economy 10 I will update this post, submit my quotes and let Mark know.
Talking of which my thanks to Mark for this excellent site. That with help from the forums has set me on a road to significant savings.