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Hi Liam. Thanks for that info youve saved me a headache. I am on a super cheap E10 tariff with our power roughly 13p peak 8p off peak an 28 S/Charge. However it’s about to run out in September so looking around just now. Together energy looked like it could be a winner for me but I have been stung with cheap prices and bad service before and it was horrible, overcharged and can’t get through etc etc. I have a smart meter that our power put in and TBC they’ve been good until now, with it being based in Scotland and me being Scottish living in Scotland I couldn’t complain. But I’m looking for a supplier that offers a little more. Maybe even an online account. What’s you experience with Tonik? Do you have a smart meter/do they off this service and can you access your account online? Oh do they offer fixed rate at all? Thanks loads.