Reply To: Tonik


Hi Tim

In answer to your specific questions in your email dated 15th July 2018, I am in the process of changing over my electricity account from the awful “Together Energy” to “Tonik Energy”. I have just received a request from “Tonik Energy” for my opening meter readings which I was able to record very easily online on my new customer account which they describe as “Tonik Space” account. I received a very quick response from “Tonik Energy” to confirm they had received my opening meter readings.It is great to be able to access my account online with “Tonik Energy”. I do not have a smart meter and am not particularly interested in having one owing to adverse criticism I read in the “Which” consumer magazine. I understand that “Tonik Energy” do offer smart meters. I have also signed up for a fixed rate deal called “Positively Green V20”.It is still very early days to give a fact based opinion of “Tonik Energy” but so far, so good.My experience of the most abysmally poor customer service with “Together Energy” has left a very bitter taste and I remain cautious in my approach.I will be relieved to finally get rid of the truly dreadful “Together Energy” who are the worst utility company I have ever had the misfortune to have any dealings with.In my experience “Scottish Power” also provide a very poor service and I will be very circumspect in future before placing my business with any Scottish utility company.A case of “twice bitten,three times shy”, as it were. I hope you find this information useful and I wish you well.I note that nobody else is contributing to the forum and I was wondering where has everybody else gone ? I think we would all be in trouble were it not for all the hard work and dedication of Mark in keeping this website going. Liam