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I have been with isupply for 18 months. I was not happy with them after my first year as even though they knew my previous years usage they vastly inflated my estimated usage for my new contract with meant my DD was way over the top. They refused to budge so as they were the cheapest at the time I went with them. I have been expecting an increase in my variable rate as all the other suppliers were doing the same, what I wasn’t expecting was the massive increase in charges. Off peak rate was going up by 63%, peak rate by 17% and the standing charge by 16%. Quite how this can be justified who knows but needless to say I’m on the move again and have just signed up to Economy 7 Energy which is charging pretty much what I was paying with isupply. No doubt they’ll push up their charges soon but I’m not fixed in. Thanks for the great site, it’s saved me a lot of time phoning round suppliers.