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I recently swapped to Economy 7.Com great prices and as I use economy 10 and have had all the promises from ovo and others then thought I would try these – great to start but 1 month in they tried to change the goalposts to higher costs then they slapped a massive addition to the direct debit that was £80 a month their request I said £140 and yesterday they now want £253 a month – I can buy a house for that – their excuse is that they will reduce in summer – this is a ridiculous ammt of monwy and as I advised if I owe you money I will clear at the end of the year and if you owe me money I will not bother to withdraw so they win – you cannot speak o a himan being and their Staff albeit pleasant are robotic and scripted – so buyer beware as this company is also owned from what I can make out by Fischer or something like that who make electric radiators so a conflict of interest – shame as they were doing really well as cheapest but clearly that was just a sales ploy to get more subscribers