Reply To: EDF




I have been with EDF for 3 yrs but after some building work last year, effectively doubling the size of our house, our electric bill is currently crazy.
All summer is was great under £300 for 6 months use, worked really well, however since the 1/11/18 we are burning £100 per week, just did another reading and for the last 4.5 weeks just over £500!!!

Here are my figures:
warmwise heating; £11 (11/12-16/1)
Day:£267 (11-31/18) plus £38.96 (1-16/Jan)
EWE: £32 (11-31/18) PLUS £153 (1-16 Jan)
Night: £7 (11-31/18) plus £4 (1-16 Jan)

So I believe that we are hardly using and heating only 5 of 10 storage heaters are in use.
Why is there such a discrepancy before and after xmas, nothing changed at home, we both work.
We always put on appliances to come on either at night or during the 2 hour afternoon period (although Im thinking the afternoon period could be the issue). EDF wont state exactly when you get your cheap rate, but when we bought the house we were informed when the light goes on, cheap electric time:) so we often set washing etc at this time.

Any thoughts ideas on what is causing this and how to find the cheapest energy company as all companies seem to say yes but can only offer economy 7!!

Last thought, I installed at xmas at timer for the hot water tank, we found that one of the tank elements wasn’t working, being replaced today, but the timer comes on 12-6am and 2-4 pm for hot water.

Thanks any/all advice is greatly appreciated.