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I’m in the same boat, North Scotland, Our Power. Have switched to Eco7heaven. SSE, Edf and Eon do E10 but expensive. Was switched to Utilita by Ofgem when Our Power stopped trading, but thought Eco7 was a better move. They confirmed over the phone they would allow E10 at E7 rates BUT I’m now finding out that my smart meter may become DUMB when the supplier is changed. How dumb I don’t know, its a complex meter, but it may end up just giving one reading. Also Utilita objected to me moving so I had to confirm again to Eco7 that I still wanted to move. Also see prices going up because of the default cap, 11% for npower. I think three of the big six are putting the prices up to the max, but expect all companies to do the same. This only applies to those on a variable rate. Will update on who’s the dumbest, me or the meter.