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I contacted Bristol Energy on 20th March 2019 about E10 and they were very helpful.

They quoted 1 Year Fixed Issue 31 – I think it is their E7 rate.

Day Rate 16.98p
Night Rate 10.31p
Daily Standing Charge 21.45p per day

Prices include discount for direct debit and paperless.

Initially, they looked at my MiData and thought that there might be a problem with something not marked as unrelated. They found two MPANs with one de-energised.

They were happy to give it a go – worse scenario being I’d have to stay with E.On. As I say, nice and helpful people willing to look beyond “Computer Says No”.

I’m helping a friend with this switch and in the end she was keen to try M&S Energy. So that switch is under way – so far so good.