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Hi. I am currently with EON with an EnergyPlan variable tariff and my meter was recently switched to a SMETS1 smart meter supporting economy 10. The meter maintains two readings: rate 1 and rate 4. I entered my next year’s estimates into Uswitch, which suggested a switch to EDF Energy to save about £360 a year. So I accepted.

EDF has since contacted me because Uswitch for some reason was comparing Economy 7 tariffs rather than Economy 10. Nevertheless, the potential saving was still about £250 when we went through it. I rang back to accept the quote only to be told by someone who claimed to be the leader of the complex meter team that if I switched I would end up on a uniform tariff because the smart meter would not only lose its smart functionality but also its complex meter functionality.

I find this quite confusing because I understood that the meter itself handles the economy 10 complexity and allocation of electricity usage to each rate based on the time. That is, the tariff just computes the cost based on the supplied rate 1 and rate 4 values. I completely understand that I would need to submit manual meter readings again because of the SMETS1 limitation. Have I been fed a story to discourage the transfer for some reason?