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Further to my recent post, I can now report that the level of customer service with Symbio Energy is, in my personal experience, not up to standard. The Symbio Energy “customer portal”does not work and you are unable to record your accurate meter readings.I informed Symbio Energy customer services about this problem by email on two separate occasions and received no reply whatsoever. If Symbio Energy can not be bothered about responding to legitimate concerns of their customers then I am not prepared to continue to place my business with them.

I have transferred my electricity account to Yorkshire Electricity on their “Green Weasel Tariff”- Fixed until 30th June 2020.Yorkshire Energy support E10 meters on their E7 tariff.

Unlike Symbio Energy, Yorkshire Energy operate a functioning “customer portal” where accurate meter readings may be recorded.Yorkshire Energy also provide a monthly electricity bill in contrast to Symbio Energy who allegedly provide one every 3 months. I am not hanging about to see if they do or not.After my experience with the utterly appalling “Together Energy” I have had enough of poor or non-existent customer service so decided to walk away early when confronted with the same.

My advice is to avoid Symbio Energy at this stage as they clearly have not got their act together.

I hope this information may assist others.

Good luck