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Currently with EON in effect for 23 years since East Midlands electricity installed(in our brand new at time) house a large tank for hot water heated with Economy 10 / Heatwise electricity. Just Paid for a new gas boiler for central heating only to find EON send me a letter your tariff is not going to be available etc.. In fact they want to remove my modern non smart E10 meter as its too complicated. They have shut my complaint as in their eyes I have no complaint. It there business decision. Refusing to giving me a locked letter, because you did complain 3 years ago when we tried to do this before. Currently pay before vat 8.28p in the 3 cheap rates 13.21p rest of day very occasionally (3 units in 23 years, 2 when plumbers worked on house and had to empty tank) boost rate at 16.71p, 24.78p standing charge a day. SSE do not supply our street although they tried to help find a supplier!
EON estimate my bill will go up 56% if I stay!!!!
Any ideas.