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Further to my recent post on this thread, an update. Last week I had my old heatwise meter removed and a new economy 10 meter installed by E.on`. It is not a smart meter. The meter fitter did an excellent job and was very helpful. Now I have just one MPAN instead of two and are able to use all appliances on economy 10 and not just our storage heaters. So I no longer have a complex meter set up. In a few weeks time, after receiving the final bill with the old ‘heatwise’ tariff, I will look around for another cheaper supplier. The customer service from E.on during the whole process has not been very good and caused a lot of stress. I complained and got a credit of £30 with E.on acknowledging their poor customer service. I have also decided to get some Dimplex Quantum storage heaters installed which will be an improvement on the old Dimplex storage heaters I have which are probably more than 25 years old.