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Following on from old customer of Our Power. We know that Ofgem transferred my a/c to Utilita. The put me on a tariff named My Time but didn’t tell me this until 6 weeks after they took over.I wouldn’t accept this as we have electric wet central heating. I transferred to E7Energy which took on my a/c on E10 hours but applied E7 . I was happy with this. I became E7Energy customer 08th March at the second attempt as Utilita raised objections? I received a phone call from Utilita 12th March who were rather surprised I had left. They obviously knew I had left, just some didn’t know. I checked my meter the next day and found ALL E10 settings were gone and I was left with a meter that only recorded one tariff. I contacted Utilita but they denied altering the meter. I responded my saying they were the only ones able to communicate with the meter as it was a smets1 first generation smart meter and it was dumb as far as E7Energy were concerned. Utilita couldn’t care less about anything and after 8 weeks I went to the Ombudsmen, I also want to add that Our Power owed me a large Credit but after nearly 6 month this has not been received, tho’ Utilita have told the Ombudsman they have sent a cheque. Liars! I have failed in my application to the Ombudsman as this particular Ombudsperson was strongly biased from the beginning in defending this Garbage Utilita. He couldn’t believe that Utilita would removed software from the meter. I had explained the E10 meter was termed as a Complex meter which would have had Firmware and software upgrades that increased its functionality necessary for E10. This Ombudsman said the meter probably had a fault which the stopped the meter windows from showing details. I confronted him by asking if he was qualified in Electronics or micro circuits. I also found out that smart meters constantly measure there own health and send details back to the supplier, so that was his only argument out the window. I have appealed and asked that someone else reviews this Ombudsmans decision, tho I’m told its the same person who looks at the appeal.. I wouldn’t mind if there was evidence but its just ridiculous. It has to be Utilita as the meter was wiped the day after finding out I had left. They are saying that E7Energy carries the responsibility, in return I have defended them as they never had access to the meter so are not culpable! I am stuck with a meter totally decimated by Utilita and still with E7Energy who have put me on a single tariff of 15.55p kWh; and standing charge of 16.28p day. Can’t complain, probably could find a slightly cheaper one, but the’ve been fair. I could get an E10 meter but it would probably have to be from a big six who would screw me. Wouldn’t mind paying for one but who from, and what cost. I am going to send all papers to Ofgem. Beware Utilita.