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My small property has an RHT meter with just the storage heaters connected to the RHT. Until now the supplier has been E-On. The property is let and we have a new tenant who has tried to switch to a different supplier but has been blocked, which I don’t believe is legal. This may be because I am in dispute with them concerning the bill I received.

For 18 days the property was unoccupied with just the storage heaters and water heater on. At the end of the 18 days, I was sent a bill for £113.18 which would expand to £2295 per annum which is greater than a 4-bedroomed house. This is for a studio property measuring 25 square meters with 2 storage heaters using Economy 10 and a normal meter for the water heater, lights etc. During the 18 days, the RHT meter used 532 units and the day meter used 45 units. E-on charged one flat rate plus standing charge.

E-On want to remove the RHT meter and replace it with Economy 7 which I don’t think is a good idea but E-on say they are phasing out Economy 10. I am aware there are other suppliers who support E10 and it may be a good idea to have the normal meter changed to Economy 7 and keep the RHT meter.

Any advice would be much appreciated.