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I am an energy advisor at a charity assisting a vulnerable elderly client. I assisted them to switch to Bristol Energy on the understanding that they would be billed on the E7 rates for their E10 meter. They have a smart meter, originally installed by Our Power in spring 2018 so we assumed it would be SMETS1. Our Power went bust at end of January 2019 and Utilita took over but were not able to take readings from the smart meter or show their tariff on the in home display. A complaint to the Energy Ombudsman told us this was because it was a SMETS1. We called Bristol Energy to confirm the tariff would be the E7 rates applied to their E10 usage if we switched, a quote to this effect was provided. After the switch was complete, the smart meter changed to being in E7 mode with the timings of the off-peak rates being approximately midnight till 7am. This was unsuitable for the air sources heat pump but BE were unable to reset the timings of the meter back to E10, we were forced to switch it to single rate mode which was more expensive. In the end, the single rate was still slightly cheaper than the Utilita E10 rate but around £90 more per year than were were quoted. After a lengthy complaint, BE agreed to refund £90 to us. Although the meter is now in E7 mode and I don’t know if it can be changed back to E10 mode by another supplier in future.