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Unfortunately you are unlikely to find another supplier willing to accept you if they are aware your meter is faulty, you could call the 4 suppliers who offer full e10 support(SSE,EDF(Not installing new e10 meters so not sure how they deal with a faulty e10 meter at present), good energy and green energy) and see what they say, that really is the only option as no other supplier will install a e10 meter as they all provide e10 using e7 rates and are unlikely to have e10 metering contracts in place. But you can call around and see, maybe one will shock you, but as I said at the beginning highly unlikely any will accept you knowing your meter is faulty they would expect your current supplier to resolve this first, you need to ask utilita for its complaints process and take them all the way to the ombudsman if they aren’t playing ball through the process, you can get help from citizens advice on how to do this if needed.