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Virginia Hodge

Hi All,

I’ve just landed here and am hoping that you might be able to help me. As I am trying to get my head round all of this there might be some really dumb comments in the following!

My elderly mother lives in a retirement complex so is electricity only. I’m looking to see if I could get her a cheaper deal. She has one meter with 3 rates being recorded and billed for. The rates are day, night and storage. Her biggest usage is for the stored energy (which I assume is the charging of her storage heaters).

She is currently with one of the big 6, and I have had a quote from our supplier (not a big 6 one), who this site identifies as a partial supplier for E10, and they were going to charge her more as she would be charged a day and night rate and a standing charge for MPAN 1 with a further unit rate and standing charge for MPAN 2. Reading some of the pots on this and other forums, I fear the other suppliers will propose something similar.

Given the paucity of E10 tariffs and their cost, I was wondering whether her existing E10 meter could be used for an Economy 7 tariff to get a better deal? From a very simple calculation of taking the amount of electricity she uses and putting it onto an E7 tariff she would save money (assuming that the storage heaters are charged through the night rate).

I don’t want her to have to have a smart meter fitted as I am uncomfortable with the lack of security and the issues with them as documented in the press.

If anyone can assist me in understanding a bit more about E10 and E7 I would be very grateful. I’m really struggling to find sites that can help me so happy to research for myself if you could point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.