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Hi Virginia, not many posting on this site, its hard to find AND E10 customers are few now.
The ‘big six’ are blackmailing E10 customers by ending their tariff UNLESS they accept a new digital meter, if you refuse they then charge your 3 meter readings at a very high rate, with Eon this was ~19p per unit & 29p per day.
Digital meters are fitted free but Bulb when I enquired offered to fit an E7 analogue(normal) meter for £150, I was tempted because that would have only one MPAN and therefore one daily charge. If you read the post below from Ewan Fraser, he explains that they now can only make one daily charge, thats good news & if you’re paying two then demand a rebate.
Online you will be offered only the normal single tariff but all much cheaper than the ‘big six’, if you phone them, some lucky people have been given the ‘Night’ & ‘Storage’ at E7 rates, its worth checking.
Sorry if thats confusing. ‘Money saving Expert’ website keeps up-to-date prices and introductory offers.
Your choice of NEW meters is E10 or E7 digital, maybe E7 analogue(you pay fitting), note: rates are no longer half-price for off-peak, Bulb are one of the cheapest at 9p.
Alternatively opt for a ‘single’ rate(keep your existing meter), these are about ~13-14p per unit. This should be comparable to the average of a ‘two-rate’ tariff.
I suggest you opt for the single rate tariff, prefferably with ‘Igloo Energy’, why? because they will pay you and I £50 each if I refer you, please use this link when/if applying.

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The rate is ~13.5p and ~19.5p standing charge(just one)
I hope all that helps,

Pete E