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I think the link reference is automatically recorded, to be safe you could copy it and paste it into a ‘Text’ file (or write it down).
Before you try, have your MPAN numbers plus any serial number. You will need your meter readings and your expected/average usage. They should have this information from your address anyway.
They only have one tariff so all readings will be charged that. They will answer any queries, unlike Eon who seemed to know or understand nothing.
I think a E7/E10 must become more expensive as car charging will be using off-peak hours, Eon offered me E10 if I accepted a Digital meter but the ‘cheap?’ rate was 13p, I pay that 24/7 with Igloo. Billing is monthly by DD(based on your estimates), any excess earns interest at 3%.

Suppliers have a ‘catch 22’ problem ie: they have been told they must fit Digital Meters or be fined BUT the customers are told they don’t have to accept them. This only applies to larger companies so you get no pressure from smaller suppliers.

Hope this helps.

Pete E