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Glad to help []. My wife says we should find other suppliers doing the same and just bounce around collecting hand-outs!
Prices are going up because suppliers have been told to supply ‘green’ and fit Digital meters, then they pass the cost on to us!
Like you I considered a meter change as E10 is rare now, Eon were charging me 19p 24/7! unless I went Digital. The first Digital are being replaced due to problems and now they want a third new one because that will let them turn non-payers off anytime they like! I have Solar panels & they have problems with Digital meters, so that was out. The other reason to change was the double standing charge but Ofgem stopped that so I’ll stick with what I’ve got. I you’re worried about overpaying, remember they pay 3% on any excess although they have a limit, you can’t put in thousands. []