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    Glad to help []. My wife says we should find other suppliers doing the same and just bounce around collecting hand-outs!
    Prices are going up because suppliers have been told to supply ‘green’ and fit Digital meters, then they pass the cost on to us!
    Like you I considered a meter change as E10 is rare now, Eon were charging me 19p 24/7! unless I went Digital. The first Digital are being replaced due to problems and now they want a third new one because that will let them turn non-payers off anytime they like! I have Solar panels & they have problems with Digital meters, so that was out. The other reason to change was the double standing charge but Ofgem stopped that so I’ll stick with what I’ve got. I you’re worried about overpaying, remember they pay 3% on any excess although they have a limit, you can’t put in thousands. []


    Pete, took the plunge []. Works out cheaper for me even with the winter storage heat going on now. Thanks. Very friendly and helpful on the phone..


    Cheers Pete, I was going thru the form via your link but Igloo wanted to take more monthly off me thru the winter so may pass. With your credit though makes it competitive for me compared to EDF E10 (19.5p peak 9.5p off peak both including vat). Over the year Igloo is about £50 cheaper for me. [] Need to talk to EDF as I have 2 MPANs so don’t know if they would switch me to one smart meter, I could live with EDF for 6 months if they did. 2 meters is a pain at switching.

    Igloo pe prices
    Thanks for your help


    I think the link reference is automatically recorded, to be safe you could copy it and paste it into a ‘Text’ file (or write it down).
    Before you try, have your MPAN numbers plus any serial number. You will need your meter readings and your expected/average usage. They should have this information from your address anyway.
    They only have one tariff so all readings will be charged that. They will answer any queries, unlike Eon who seemed to know or understand nothing.
    I think a E7/E10 must become more expensive as car charging will be using off-peak hours, Eon offered me E10 if I accepted a Digital meter but the ‘cheap?’ rate was 13p, I pay that 24/7 with Igloo. Billing is monthly by DD(based on your estimates), any excess earns interest at 3%.

    Suppliers have a ‘catch 22’ problem ie: they have been told they must fit Digital Meters or be fined BUT the customers are told they don’t have to accept them. This only applies to larger companies so you get no pressure from smaller suppliers.

    Hope this helps.

    Pete E



    If you go through that link, how do they know you have 2 MPANs? How does billing work? You just add up all your 3 readings and report back to them one number?


    Virginia, I think they will only charge you one standing charge if you have 2 MPANs and you are on a single rate tariff ie. doesn’t matter what time of day you use your electricity you are charged the same rate. I am in same situation with Bulb and they refunded me money and gesture of goodwill recently, which was good as I didn’t even know anything about it. The only reason I have E10 is that the flat was built with it and Storage heaters and boiler are on the E10 meter.
    Bulb currently charge me E7 on Day/Night meter and then a standard rate on E10 which is fine outside of winter, but expensive (ish) in winter. EDF have a complex meter team (0333 009 6980) with specific E10 tariff and one Standing charge. SSE used to not sure if still do. Others will quote you on their E7 tariff but in main you only get 7 hours cheap electricity which may not be enough to heat your home. With 2 MPANs unless you get a single rate tariff you will still be charged 2 MPANs from the smaller suppliers.


    Hi Virginia, not many posting on this site, its hard to find AND E10 customers are few now.
    The ‘big six’ are blackmailing E10 customers by ending their tariff UNLESS they accept a new digital meter, if you refuse they then charge your 3 meter readings at a very high rate, with Eon this was ~19p per unit & 29p per day.
    Digital meters are fitted free but Bulb when I enquired offered to fit an E7 analogue(normal) meter for £150, I was tempted because that would have only one MPAN and therefore one daily charge. If you read the post below from Ewan Fraser, he explains that they now can only make one daily charge, thats good news & if you’re paying two then demand a rebate.
    Online you will be offered only the normal single tariff but all much cheaper than the ‘big six’, if you phone them, some lucky people have been given the ‘Night’ & ‘Storage’ at E7 rates, its worth checking.
    Sorry if thats confusing. ‘Money saving Expert’ website keeps up-to-date prices and introductory offers.
    Your choice of NEW meters is E10 or E7 digital, maybe E7 analogue(you pay fitting), note: rates are no longer half-price for off-peak, Bulb are one of the cheapest at 9p.
    Alternatively opt for a ‘single’ rate(keep your existing meter), these are about ~13-14p per unit. This should be comparable to the average of a ‘two-rate’ tariff.
    I suggest you opt for the single rate tariff, prefferably with ‘Igloo Energy’, why? because they will pay you and I £50 each if I refer you, please use this link when/if applying.

    [removed – sorry no external promotional links allowed]

    The rate is ~13.5p and ~19.5p standing charge(just one)
    I hope all that helps,

    Pete E

    Virginia Hodge

    Hi All,

    I’ve just landed here and am hoping that you might be able to help me. As I am trying to get my head round all of this there might be some really dumb comments in the following!

    My elderly mother lives in a retirement complex so is electricity only. I’m looking to see if I could get her a cheaper deal. She has one meter with 3 rates being recorded and billed for. The rates are day, night and storage. Her biggest usage is for the stored energy (which I assume is the charging of her storage heaters).

    She is currently with one of the big 6, and I have had a quote from our supplier (not a big 6 one), who this site identifies as a partial supplier for E10, and they were going to charge her more as she would be charged a day and night rate and a standing charge for MPAN 1 with a further unit rate and standing charge for MPAN 2. Reading some of the pots on this and other forums, I fear the other suppliers will propose something similar.

    Given the paucity of E10 tariffs and their cost, I was wondering whether her existing E10 meter could be used for an Economy 7 tariff to get a better deal? From a very simple calculation of taking the amount of electricity she uses and putting it onto an E7 tariff she would save money (assuming that the storage heaters are charged through the night rate).

    I don’t want her to have to have a smart meter fitted as I am uncomfortable with the lack of security and the issues with them as documented in the press.

    If anyone can assist me in understanding a bit more about E10 and E7 I would be very grateful. I’m really struggling to find sites that can help me so happy to research for myself if you could point me in the right direction.

    Thank you in advance.


    Ewan Fraser,
    “I have also a note from Ofgem to confirm they should only charge 1 standing charge for these 2 MPANs.”
    Any chance of posting a copy on here? it might be handy in future.
    Note: I hope the eventual radio switch-off is overnight and leaves it in the ON position!
    It would have been nice for suppliers or Offgem to keep us up to date on changes, I have Solar (which has been a problem with Digital Meters) and was considering paying for a new analogue meter. All’s well that ends well.


    I opted for a single rate with Igloo. At first they charged(standing) for two meters then rebated and changed it to one charge, I thought this was their generosity until I read this recent post.
    I must say they are a breath of fresh air after months of trying to get any sense fron Eon who seemed incapable of comprehending even the simplest query. As said previously their single rate is on average cheaper than most E10 average rates. I am considering an E7 meter but only if the single rate is an option, this may depend on the supplier.


    This is good news and would explain why Bulb refunded me a few months ago for my heat meter. I have 2 MPANs.


    Any supplier over 50,000 customers is now obliged to take on 2 MPAN restricted meters although they will only offer the single rate. I have also a note from Ofgem to confirm they should only charge 1 standing charge for these 2 MPANs. As well as SSE, another example of this is Scottish Power Comfort Plus White meter but like most of these tariffs, it is very expensive. Many will be better off using a single rate for a very cheap supplier as their rate may be only a little more than the 3 rate supplier’s night rate.

    As an aside, the radioteleswitch signal switch off has been delayed but will happen eventually. As I understand it, the meters will continue to switch at the arranged times but they will no longer have the flexible off-peak timings which the teleswitch enabled (extra heating in colder weather for example).


    I knew from your letter that it had to be Eon. I have the same trouble, not only have they cancelled E10 but have offered me a new meter with E10 tariff?!? how stupid is that? My Economy? heating is now ~18p rising to ~19 on 1/4/20. I took this to the Ombudsman who agreed with Eon that replacing E10 with E10 was sensible.
    I am now looking toward Bulb who (I hope) will put me on their single-rate tariff which is little more than Eon’s night rate.


    OK so after another 5 hours on the phone this morning I’ve arranged for EON to come out in a few weeks and replace her 2 meters with a single E10 meter and put her onto EON’s E10 tariff. She can then switch to a cheaper E10 tariff from iSupply energy after a month or so and hopefully her bills will only go up around £400 a year. It’s still a 40% increase which is far to much in my opinion but better than the alternative of nearly a £2000 increase 300% rise.


    I’ve tried the big six and none of them support her old economy 10 meter. Would one of them be able to change it to a newer economy 10 meter?


    OK so I’ve spent another couple of hours trying get this resolved and I’ve now been told by both SSE and together energy that they will take on the 3 meter setup but will charge a flat rate of around 17p/kwh for all 3 meters combined units used plus a hefty standing charge that will increase her bill significantly from just over £1000 a year to nearly £3000. I don’t know what else to do?


    Hello there

    The only suppliers I’m aware who would support a 3 rate meter are SSE and EDF, I hope this helps if you haven’t already resolved it.


    Together energy put me on hold and passed me around for about half an hour before telling me they can’t supply me. then i tried SSE and the chap on the phone immediately knew what i was talking about and said they were 1 of if not the only supplier left that can do this kind of setup. he put me through to a very helpful lady who said she would need to get a colleague of hers to ring me make as she was’t 100% sure of this setup, she took my details and i await her call back. On a side note i found out the current standing charge she’s being charged for RHT is 1.3p/day and 6.8p/kWh a bit of a difference to £1.30/day and 26.8p/kWh a was quoted. Thats about £1,200 a year more!!


    Thanks Daniel, i’ll give them both a try, and also been told Together energy are good at Heatwise, so i’ll give them a try as well later.


    Hi James,
    I rang round many energy suppliers a few months ago (with great help from this website), and switched my Economy 10 supplier from Green Energy UK to iSupply for a better rate. Give both these companies a call for quotes as could be different rate for your area.
    Best regards,


    Hi all,
    I’m new here and so glad to have found there are other people out there with Economy 10 meters, i was starting to feel like the odd one out, the way the energy companies talk to you when you say you’ve got an E10 meter.

    First off a bit of background. My mum in her late 70’s, lives on her own in a house will all electric heating, and has done for over 45 years now. She has 2 meters with 3 different tariffs. The bulk of the house is feed from a standard dual tariff meter with on peak and off peak (economy 7) rates, this does the sockets, lights, cooker and 1 of the immersion heaters for the hot water all off a single large Consumer unit. The meter changes across on a time clock in the meter cupboard at around midnight for 7 hours. Then there is a single tariff Economy 10 (or the old off peak as it was called) meter connected to 4x 2 way Consumer units which feed the storage heaters and other immersion heater. These only come on for a couple of hours in the afternoon 2pm-4pm ish and then at 11pm till around 6am. Every thing works fine and she’s happy until …

    Beginning of this year she gets a letter from her current supplier saying they no longer support her economy 10 tariff and she’ll have to have a new smart meter installed or here bill will go up from £91 a month to over £300. She spoke to them and told them she didn’t want to change and as i had informed her they couldn’t force her. They said they would send out an engineer in the coming weeks to take a look anyway. Said engineer turns up, never seen or heard of Economy 10 and goes away. 3 more engineers visits over the next couple of month and finally in May 3 engineers turn up together and spend a couple of hours in the meter cupboard scratching there heads and leave saying there is nothing they can do. She rings them up again and gets nowhere as nobody at her energy suppler seems to know anything other than they no longer support Economy 10, and it all goes quite….

    Fast forward to last week and she gets another letter from her supplier saying here Economy 10 tariff will cease on the 30th October 2019 and she will be put on to a variable standard tariff and the Economy 10 units will be charged at full price. They estimate her yearly bill will go up from just over £1000 to well over £3000!! She spoke to them again and they have told her there is nothing else they can do.

    She is now getting very worried and can’t sleep at night as she doesn’t know how she will be able to pay the bills as she only has a small pension and gets help with her bills and Warm Home Discount scheme.

    I’ve spoken to a few other Economy 10 suppliers and i’m getting very mixed answers 1 company told me the standing charge was 65p a day and as as the Economy 10 meter has 2 MPAN’s there would be 2 standing charges so £1.30 a day this was nearly £500 a year before she even used any electricity?

    I’m shocked that a company can treat a pensioner like this and cause her so much worry, and offer no help or assistance. I’ve offered her to come and stay with us for as long as she wants so she doesn’t have to worry about heating the house come November 1st but that’s not really solving the problem.
    After hours on the phone being passed around I can’t seem to get anywhere with the current supplier all they have told me is the government are phasing out Economy 10 and the suppliers are being pushed to switch customers to smart meters.

    On a side note i found out that the old Economy 10 meter receives it’s signal from an old Longwave BBC radio transmitter in Droitwich which the BBC plans to switch off in the next couple of years as there is no longer any spare parts available to keep in operating. So there might be a bit of truth in what they say.

    Sorry for the long message but it’s a bit of an ongoing saga.
    Anybody have any suggestions or recommendation on companies that maybe able to help or actually know about Economy 10 or a 3 tarriff Heat rate meter system?

    Thanks in advance

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