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    As far as we know, British Gas (Centrica) does not support Economy 10. Please post specific questions or updates below. [- May’21]


    We moved into a rental property a year ago. The landlord was undef the impression that there was a “credit” economy 10 meter there but unknown to him the previous tenants had the meter changed to a prepay key meter, still running on economy 10 (times as detailed above). We phoned the current supplier who was British Gas even though the key was a Scotish Power one, they informed us that no, they dont do economy 10 so we could not possibly be on economy 10 ! But we were, the click to a different tariff proved it, but they would not beleive me so we just kept on using the key and use electricity on economy 10. A year later they have sent me a new key as they have now decided that we cannot keep usung the Scotish Power one (even though they were happy to tell us a year ago to keep using it)
    If i put this new key in it is likely that the meter will change the times it changes tariff from economy 10 times to economy 7 times ?


    Just putting it out there, I spoke to British Gas today who advised they now accept customers with economy 10 meters, I’ve begun a switch today and they are also arranging to install a smart meter once I’ve switched. It is possible to signup on their website too as they have the option for economy (other) when selecting meter type, as they haven’t increased their prices yet they are very competitive(one of the cheapest for me anyway)and allow you a fixed tariff, looks like same pricing as e7 from what I can see.


    Due to price increase with SSE (central Scotland) I contacted British Gas who I believe use Scottish Power for supply to be told they don’t support E10, I could have E7 but off peak is 12.30 to 7.30 am as opposed to 5.30-7.30am, 1.30-4.30pm and 8.30-12.30pm with E10. I asked about single rate but was told I would need to get SSE to change meter then change supply to British Gas – has anyone else heard of this, why can’t they just add the two readings together as surely it just comes to same amount of electricity used or am I missing something? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


    Hi Linda, I have confirmed with British gas they 100% support e10 using e7 rates, if you apply on their website and select economy as meter type and then will give you option of e7 or other, select other and your application will progress without issue, I’m told they have only recently started accepted e10 meters and unfortunately like a lot of suppliers the info doesn’t seem to have filter to everyone yet


    With regards to single rate the only provider I know who would do this without changing meter is EDF, there may be others but I had a discussion about it when I spoke to EDF when they installed my e10 meter


    I’m currently with EOn but after a 20% hike I decided to switch to British Gas on a 2 year fix. After 2 1/2 weeks ( the website order didn’t process) and hours on phone to their call centre I finally received a contract. Despite me stressing that I had an e10 meter this stated that the supply would be 7 hours only at the night rate! I cancelled immediately.
    I am now switching to isupply on a 1yr fix. They don’t have E7 or E10, just a dual rate tariff. It took about 20 min over the phone and this morning I have received all the paperwork which looks fine.
    I’m in East England and the rates are – D 13.347 N 7.457 + 26.1 pd.
    Actually works out cheaper than EON before the price rise!


    I emailed British Gas on two occasions asking a simple and specific query about whether they support E10 meters:
    – In the first reply they ignored my question and asked for an account number before proceeding (I don’t have one of course).
    – In the second reply they apologised, but proceeded to give generic info about what E10 is, without answering my queries.

    I will update if I hear anything further…



    … and a further reply from British Gas 24/3/18 which clarifies things:
    Dear Mark
    Thank you for your enquiry.
    I’m sorry to inform you that we only support credit meter, smart meter and economy 7 meters. Economy 10 meters are not available with us right now.
    For any future assistance, please reply to my email and I’ll be happy to assist you.
    Thank you for contacting British Gas.
    Kind regards
    Customer Service Advisor

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