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    After recent comms with Bulb I would like to confirm that nothing has changed. Single rate for Eco10 customers.




    email received from Bulb 26/3/18:
    Hi Mark,

    We don’t support economy 10. We only offer a single rate agreement to Economy 10 supplies.



    For NW Together Energy have [] rates and answer the phone within a few minutes. Take some beating unless you have high % off peak use.


    I don’t dispute your findings – have contacted them myself since and it seems that I was given inaccurate information! I am not going to raise my head above the parapet though – since on switching I mentioned that I had an economy 10 meter and, having been told this will be fine, I am being supplied by them on economy 7. Although it makes me a little uneasy, based on this earlier conversation at least I have some backup if it comes back to bite me…


    Well, from the horses mouth, ” @nickdavies144, we’re sorry to say that it won’t be beneficial for you as well :dissapointed:. We are always looking to improve our service and perhaps in the future, we will be able to provide an E10 tariff! Thanks so much for your interest :+1: “


    Strange that you have had this experience – I am now being supplied by Bulb on an E7 tariff. They are aware I have an economy 10 meter and when switching on the phone told me they are able to support E10 meters on this tariff.


    Indeed I got this reply from the forums



    Hi Andrew , thanks for sharing. I have spoken to bulb energy twice within the past week or so and they advised they will only accept e10 on a single rate charging basis i.e no off peak rate, so it seems they are inconsistent too


    Thought I might keep you all posted on my progress with finding a supplier:

    After the Scottish Power debacle, I stayed with a new supplier, Brighter World for a time. They have an exciting ethical ethos, although not green for us, they reinvest profits in providing renewable solar energy for communities in Africa, so sounded exciting. The main reason I’ve switched again recently is because of increases in their variable tariff.

    However from good to better – with Bulb Energy. I haven’t looked back. 100% renewable energy for a fraction of the price of Ovo. And I believe this is one of the best value tariffs for E10 currently on the market[]

    Perks (in my opinion): no exit fee, EXCELLENT customer service (aim to answer the phone within a few rings), treat customers as’members’ with quality online portal (complete with usage graphs and extensive member community forums) and some of the best prices on the market. I would note it is a variable tariff, however I’ve been informed after querying this by email that they deliberately keep prices as low as possible while retaining a clear pricing policy (they’ve consistently reduced prices multiple times over the last few years). A blog post by the company on the subject of wholesale energy and prices is available here (sent to me by customer services and motivated my decision to go for it): https://blog.bulb.co.uk/wholesale-energy-whats-going/

    In all honesty I would not endorse the company if I didn’t genuinely believe they are an excellent choice for Economy 10 customers. I hope my previous posts testify to this.

    As a side-note, I’ve been away from the fold for a little while – since returning it’s great to see such great work being done by Mark and many others on this noble cause. I’ve added my recent findings to the new survey, and highly recommend others do the same.



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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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