can I have E7 rates on 9pm to 7am “E10” meter

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    Hello Alan, there is no problem switching between suppliers and moving from 1 rate to multi rate if the supplier supports this not all suppliers accept multi rate meters on e7 tariffs but all suppliers must accept multi rate meters on a single rate if a customer requests it, this is a ofgem license condition, I hope this helps. But please post if you need any further help ????


    Hello , A useful website . I am a newbie here. I am getting confused about the Time Pattern Regime.(TPR)
    I have an old meter from Eastern that gives me 10 hours continuous low rate from about 9pm to 7am. Not the “E10 meter” split into 3 different time spells (12 to 5am 1-4pm ,8 to 10pm) which I am reading on here. I have just been transferred out from Isupply to EDF, and have always been charged the E7 rate by Isupply although getting the 10 hours.
    Question 1.
    Reading here some cos (OVO ,Octopus, Powershop etc) give E10 customers E7 rates. Because my TPR is different can I expect the E7 rates for 10 hrs or is that only for “E10 TPR meters “, 3 daily times .

    Question 2 future switches.
    I may decide to stay with EDF for now. Either their E10 or add both dials up and go on standard. However could I then switch supplier in future to one listed on site or will they not accept transferring in if I am actually using an E10 tariff to E7 . If I am then using std could they refuse to take me on as a new client , saying they don’t accept new clients starting with E7 ,only standard.
    Thanks. Alan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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