Can I switch to any supplier, regardless of where I live?

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    Hi Maria, thanks for sharing your info, OVO energy don’t have a dedicated e10 tariff but are happy to accept on their e7 rates, I’m in the process of switching to them, I signed up over the phone but was told could sign up online selecting the e7 meter type when asked in the online process. British gas you can sign up online also, you just select economy meter then other when signing up but with their latest price increase they are quite expensive, their e10 rates are the same as e7.


    All of the providers above supply England, Scotland and Wales except our power which is Scotland only, prices vary according to your region, as North Scotland has some of the highest prices you will probably find they charge less than in the table in London.


    Is the information provided regarding suppliers for scotland only? I have just moved into a new property in London and am having great difficulty working out which suppliers have E10 tariffs. I am currently with SSE but their prices are ridiculously high. I’ve tried Octopus energy as they were my supplier at my previous property but on a standard tariff. I have been advised to do a quote on E7 from their website and then double the standing charge. I’m so confused!


    You can switch to any of the suppliers in the updated list:
    …by calling the one you want to go with and specifying economy 10.

    This page is viewable through the latest blog page (December 2016) accessed through the homepage of this site.


    Been following threads with interest. I have an eon E10 meter fitted 18 moths ago to replace an old heat wise meter. I have tried the switching sites and non give the option of changing from E10. I’ve rung EDF and SSE and both claim I can’t switch to them but I got the impression with both that they hadn’t a clue whether I could or couldn’t. Can anyone confirm who will let me switch or am I stuck with eon?


    Hello I live near Newcastle and cannot find a supplier for E10 does anyone know of one.


    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the feedback. You can switch to any electricity supplier regardless where you live in the UK, you don’t need to stay with SSE. The only difference is for an Economy 10 meter only some of the suppliers support it, but there’s still at least half a dozen companies you can choose from.

    Cheers, Mark.


    Just come across your site. It has been most helpful. I am trying to help my elderly in-laws who are paying over £2,000 for economy 10 per year and had installed air to air source heating two years ago, hoping that it would be cheap, but not so. Their current supplier is SSE, who at the time, was the only supplier of E10 in our part of Scotland. We live on an island, north of the top of Scotland, ie Orkney Isles, where the weather is fairly cold most of the year. Thanks again for your free time and effort that you put into this.

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