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    I currently have an Economy 10 supply from Eon which has been with them for years as it has always proved to be so difficult finding a reliable supplier to change to who does E10.

    Our use is very high having just electricity for everything (circa 13,000kwh per annum).

    Their supply prices are going up again with effect from 1 October 21 to 24.101 (Standing Charge) 24.136 (Day) and 15.232 (Night).

    Has anyone changed recently and achieved better rates than this?


    We have high use of electricity for everything. We moved from Eon 6 years ago to Octopus Energy, who provide E10 using their E7 rates.
    In East Midlands the current charges [including VAT] are 20.06/day, 16.58/kWh for peak use & 10.32/kWh for off peak.
    They have an incentive of £100 to share with friends who join via a link.
    Hope this information is useful, Mike


    Thanks that’s very useful to know. I’ll check them out as I thought by saying they just did E7 they wouldn’t support E10


    hi sch1

    im on eon and the same rates as you, ive been looking at utility warehouse as they seem more competitive

    have you switched yet? if so who have you gone with




    Hi, with the current chaos of the utility market I haven’t done anything yet and am just waiting for things to calm down.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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