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    As far as we know, Co-Op Energy does not support Economy 10. Please post specific questions or updates below. [- May’21]


    I’d be interested to hear how you get on with the Co Op. We applied in April to switch to them. Many months later and after a complaint to the CEO and various phone calls we were told two weeks ago our supply would finally switch to them yesterday.

    Needless to say, yesterday came and went and today we got a phone call saying they cannot supply us and they are unable to offer (bill customers for) economy 10. They’ve said the only thing they can switch us to is economy 7. I am livid. 5 months of waiting and they now refuse to take us on supply.

    In fact, given this experience and the fact they won’t / can’t offer E10, I’d remove them from your website. Else, avoid them like the plague.


    I have just changed to the The Co-op for new house (was with Eon). The Co-op rates are [] pretty good. Can’t put my hand on the amount of re-neweable energy used, but think about 65%


    See above…. The date given to us for changeover has dragged out a bit, but letter dated 25/08/2015 now says within 4 weeks. Might the following help you? Copied and pasted from an email sent to me.

    On Friday, 3 July 2015, 15:53, Sunil Owan wrote:
    Dear Mrs M
    These are our Economy 7 rates but they are also the rates for Economy 10.
    Kind Regards
    Description: cid:image001.png@01CE99E4.2F101760
    Sunil Owan
    Telesales Executive

    10 Hatherton Road, Walsall Tel: 0800 0937 550
    West Midlands
    WS1 1JH

    Sent: 03 July 2015 15:52
    To: Sunil Owan
    Subject: Re: Unit Rates

    Hello Sunil… These seen to be Economy 7 rates. I need economy 10 rates please


    Re Coop. Yes good rates Angie. They said they couldn’t accommodate my two MPANS.


    A few years ago someone arrived at my front door with “At last you are in, I wont be long.” He returned with a new electric meter which he installed
    with no interference from me (his mood was not good!) It had six readings (No idea what these meant) which I recorded and sent to my energy supplier. Then, after doing this for a few years, I got a bill which included £455.98 for one month. I thought this was a clerical error but when I rang
    Cooperative Energy was told, by the amused other, “It has gone up since then.” I was upset. Couldn`t imagine what had happened. I asked, and wrote
    to CE…They went SILENT to each of these ways. They increased monthly amounts to £60+ when I had previously paid first £40+pcm and then £30+pcm. Eventually they sent an engineer from Lowri Beck and he said he had only seen one other meter like this, and that was “last week in Woodstock.” He also told me which readings I must send to CE ie R01 R02 and ELA or, daytime useage, night useage and a combination of the two.
    I looked at my reading for the EXPENSIVE month and saw that CE had chosen to use the combination number for daytime useage. I wrote and asked
    for a return of my money…Writing to them continued, and yesterday I got a refund of £500+ which included £100 as a “gift” from them.
    They also asked me if I would like to change my meter to an Economy 7 meter and although I initially agreed, I decided to look up Economy 10 meters
    and see that this is probably best for me. And, they may owe me cash for overcharging but I, with no knowledge, agreed to accept their “full and final
    offer.” I came to know that this was a legal term when my neighbour told me many years ago.
    I realise that Economy 10 would be better for me. Can you send me a leaflet, or tell me via email, what I should know about this meter…And when my meter is providing cheaper electricity etc. I would prefer a leaflet so that I can “get it round my head” This laptop is old, like me, and can go wrong!
    Many thanks. Mary W-S


    Hi Mary, sorry to hear about your lengthy journey, unfortunately it’s not unusual. This is a personal (voluntary) website so we don’t have leaflets or provide individual support, but hopefully there’s some information on these web pages that you find useful. If you discover anything new, feel free to email me and I’ll add it so that other people might benefit too.

    Cheers, Mark


    Hi, great site by the way!
    Latest info about the Co-op. I phoned them 10 minutes ago and was told “we are having trouble generating the bills so we aren’t taking on new customers with Economy 10” (!!)
    I asked if it was just an IT problem for a couple of days but was told the same ‘party line’.
    So does it mean E10 is not a money maker for the Co-op these days?…


    I’ve just called Co-op today and was told they no longer support the Economy 10 tariff.


    Thanks for the update Caroline


    The Co-op offers very good rates (same as their Economy 7 – no separate tariff for E10.

    However, I have been fighting to get the changeover completed from E-On since last September and still struggling!


    …and I switched from Hydro to Co-op in May 2015. After long delays and ineffectual customer service, they finally sent me a first statement/bill in which the two “initial” readings were transposed (cheap for peak and vice versa). I informed Co-op and months later they had still failed to switch them round. I’ve now opened the case with OS-Energy (the ombudsman).


    I have moved my economy 10 from Npower to the Co-op with difficulty as it has taken 6 months with only part of my supply being transferred months ago and the rest two weeks ago. I am now being charged two standing charges as they say the Economy 10 counts as two supplies – is this true as I have never had two standing charges before?


    Unless you have 2 separate meters and different tariffs I would say that they are having a joke at your expense…. If your E7 was a single tariff then as E10 is simply a matter of different timing it makes no sense…


    Update. I failed! Numerous conversations with Co-op…even via E-on, current provider, whose trouble shooter rang them on my behalf.

    I set up a standing order with them last September – £47 per month which they have said they will refund with the explanation (following another call from me) that went like this ” I honestly don’t think the Co-op is for you because there is only one daytime rate – no reductions – so I think you’re better off staying with E-On because you’ll pay us much more…. ”

    Too ridiculous for words? Yup. Summary: Co-op do not actually have an Economy 10 rate. Only Economy 7. Is this why you have two standing charges Peter? Sorry if anyone else has fallen foul of CVo-op thanks to my (thought to be) informed words of wisdom. It’s chaois at the Coop – steer clear.

    Sorry all. Angie


    I have tried to apply online to transfer to the Coop but part way through the process was asked the following question-

    Do you have Economy 10?

    Unfortunately we currently don’t support economy 10 meters. Please contact your current energy supplier and enquire for more information on updating your meters.


    I have encountered the same message. Will be double checking to confirm, but it appears economy 10 is no longer possible through the co-op. Eon told me today they are phasing out economy 10 and no longer support it either


    I too was told by Co-op on Friday 14:oct 2016 thatbthet no.longer offer Economy 10. We’re with Eon . Attemoting to switch. SSE lady week said someone frim their “exotic meter” section would call us back. They didn’t..


    email received from Co-Op Energy 9/3/18:
    Dear [Mark],
    Thank you for your email.
    I can confirm that we do not support Economy 10 meters at this time.
    I hope this information has been helpful in answering your query.
    If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on: 0800 954 0693. Alternatively, we have a number of enquiry forms which you can complete on our website and your query will be directed to the correct team. Please click here, select the relevant option for your query, complete the form with your details and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
    Kind Regards,
    Katie Higgins
    Email Resolution Team


    Octopus energy is to take over management of customers

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