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    Unfortunately there is no comparison website for e10, and it also depends on a households usage as everyone is different so there is no one supplier fit for all, so it really is a pen, paper and calculator exercise and browsing each suppliers website or calling as not all suppliers show e10 on their websites


    Hi there,

    I currently work for Anchor Hanover, they provide assisted living to over 55’s, and I work as an energy adviser completing Warm Home Discount applications/switching suppliers/reducing energy debt/generally *issing off energy companies.

    Some of the estates have Economy 10 meters and where this is the case I find a lot of issues with high energy bills/debts etc. This is understandable as lots of the residents are in their homes for large periods of the week. Equally lots of them prefer the Economy 10 as they get that extra heating in the afternoon.

    At the minute I am a little bit stumped as I am struggling to advise to them what companies might have cheaper tariffs. I simply do not have the time to call all the companies on the list so I have come to this forum to see if anyone has any suggestions. Estates I am aware of that are Eco 10 are in Newcastle and Slough areas if that helps.

    It’s fine if people want to stay on Eco 10 but I’d really like to help the residents get the cheapest tariff they can.

    Thanks people 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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