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    Simon Abrahams

    Hi All,

    We have E10 rated electricity powering our dry underfloor (i.e. all-electric) heating, and I am hoping to benefit from others’ experience as to how best to reduce our electricity bills.

    For our first 18 months we have simply left the heating permanently on in the colder months, resulting in bills that are 2/3 peak and 1/3 off-peak, adding up to over £2400 a year for a two bedroom flat – which feels quite steep!

    Question: when powering dry underfloor heating, what seems to be the most economical solution?

    (a) leave on all the time (minimise temperature variation)
    (b) power only when electricity is cheap, and therefore cause the floor to go through a heat-up/cool-down cycle for each off-peak period (minimise the price per unit of electricity)
    (c) something else?

    All advice greatly appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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