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    Currently with Bulb on E-7 tariff but E-10 meter. April rate will be approx 30p day and 20p night with an extortionate 45p standing charge. Has anyone been offered a true E-10 deal recently and who with?


    Just to add I rang M & S energy today and they don’t support E-10 any more and tried EDF and after checking he said they didn’t either but I’m not convinced he did check he was more concerned about the screaming child next to him!! Let’s all work from home!!

    Veronica Woolf

    This list of suppliers is not up to date. Ovo do not support or supply Economy 10 – it says so quite plainly on their website. Many of the suppliers you have on your list as E10 supplier have ceased trading!!! SSE were taken over by OVO ages ago. Together Energy have ceased trading as have Bristol energy. British Gas to not supply Economy 10.
    I was switched to British Gas by Ofgem. I had no say in the matter. Because they don’t do E10 or E7, they put me on a different tariff. However, they didn’t do the switch properly and cut my Economy 7 supply so I have not had hot water for nearly a month. I’ve been surviving with the emersion – which is much more expensive. When I first called them, I had only been with them 11 days. They said that, as I was not a Care package customer, and my account was under 28 days old, they would not send anyone out!!!!! I had three engineers in to check the problem and they all said it’s down to my supplier who have cut the power to the wires linking the power switch to the hot water cylinder.
    Another provider told me that because of Ofgem rulings, I cannot switch suppliers for 28 days!!! Now I am looking for another Economy 10 supplier. Disgraceful behaviour for British Gas. I am a pensioner, but luckily, not a vulnerable one and a person who is able to stick up for myself and spend hours on the phone trying to sort it out. So far, it’s been five hours on the phone!!!


    I feel your pain Veronica! I’ve switched to UW on their variable tariff, night rates are 3p cheaper than Bulb, if you happen to need broadband and a mobile you can fix for a year at a rate slightly higher than the variable rate but much cheaper than any other suppliers that are offering fixed, mostly around 42p day and 25 night! I rang GEUK and they quoted 80p day and night!


    I think we can. Kiss goodbye to E10 completely and more or less goodbye to E7. Many companies are now quoting almost the same rates for both based on what I’ve been seeing. In fairness to this site, it’s run by a single chap as a favour to help save people the never ending task of sourcing E10 and companies have gone bust at such a rate it would be a nightmare to keep up. I was also switch to BG when my company went bust but I do get E7 rates so I would query this with them Veronica. It sounds like they have made a terrible mistake which is affecting you badly. Post April I don’t know which companies will be left and either way their rates and standing charges will be extortionate and probably unaffordable for many.

    Rowland Tate

    We switched to So Energy two years ago because NPOWER no longer supported Economy 10 (Super-Tarif)
    From 1st April Night time tariff 21.52 and Day 29.00 with 48.99p standing charge, witch we have to pay x2 because Economy 10 meter has two NPAN numbers.
    Still awaiting Smart meter.
    Double the original charge and cannot find a better deal..


    Utility Warehouse is still the cheapest supplier I can find (even though my bill with them is predicted to increase by 69% !)
    From 1/4/22 their variable rate for electricity only is SC: 36.237, D: 34.34, N: 17.648

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