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    Hi Everyone

    I’m trying to established if E10 is the right tariff for our house hold,storage heaters and water tank, we have been on E10 past 2 years now and about 6 months ago wife changed jobs so no one is at home most of day, I work during day and shes of to work from 14.00, then we sort of home over weekends, due to been busy we not planning when we running washing machines ect. and is more when it suits us, now I know E10 have slight higher prices compare to E7 but been honest I am worried about the hot water, with E10 water heats up over few hours during day so we always have hot water for shower baths ect. but if I move to E7 this will only work over night time and if we use most of hot water will have to heat on peak tariff so not sure if moving to E7 will have any advantage with slightly lower price if we have to use peak tariff for water, what is your experience with water tanks?

    Our prices on Eon E10 are
    peak 18.68
    off peak 10.64
    sanding charge 21.6



    Looks like your big concern is whether you’ll have hot water in the afternoon in which case you’re biased towards the E10 tariff. However, if you have a well-insulated water tank the water should still be hot in the afternoon from the previous night provided you’re not using all the hot water in the morning – only you know your daily habits. I don’t have a problem with keeping water hot, as I have a thermal store system where the overnight electricity is used to heat water in a highly insulated tank – this “store” of very hot water is not used directly but heats the water passing through a coil immersed in the store. My gut response to your dilemma is that you should stick with E10 as it provides enough hours overnight for your storage heaters and hot water heating in the afternoon. You don’t say what region you’re in so we can’t tell what hours you get the E10 tariff.
    Have a look at the recent prices in your region under the “Prices” link at the top of the page.


    Hello Mark I’m back (from outer space?)

    We are now with Bulb, which doesn’t seem to be on your lists ??

    In the Eastern Region, we are charged as follows
    Energy (day) 199 kWh @ 15.18
    Energy (night) 549 kWh @ 7.23
    30 days @ 19.47 p/day

    If you haven’t already got an E10 meter, there is no chance of getting electricity from them.

    I think you used to have a chart showing active E10 hours by region? I can’t see this. Can you confirm that EASTERN have not made any changes… better still display them please?

    Many thanks
    Angie (glad to see you are still hard at work here!)

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