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    2 years ago Eon said we had to change from our Heatwise tariff (E10 for heating, E7 for everything else). They put a new meter in, and although the unit price increased we managed fine as all our energy was now on E10.

    I checked the meter had switched to BST two weeks ago and found it was now on E7! The storage heaters are programmed at the meter by Eon to be on in the E10 slots only. So they are now costing a fortune.

    It turns out that when our account moved from Eon to Eon Next in March they put us on E7 instead of E10. It’s a very good job I found it. I suspect many customers are in for a shock. Now we are getting nowhere with being moved back to E10. The phone operatives have no clue and we can no longer phone the complex metering team ourselves.

    It seems that they want to treat us as an E7 customer who wishes to change to E7, instead of an E10 customer who’s account they have messed up. They say they are ‘phasing out’ E10.

    Does anyone else have this problem ? Surely we should have been given some warning.

    We have no timers on the heaters, and cannot change the times they programmed into the meter, so we can only use 4.5 hours of the E7 time slot

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