Economy 7 or 10 meter?

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    Deborah Morgan

    We moved into a new (secondhand) house in April. The previous owner said they were on Economy 10 as it is a wet heating system with radiators and an electric boiler.

    However, the “database” has our meter as being Economy 7. There is a dual tariff white meter, but also a Teleswitch which had E10 sticker on it. Also, the immersion heater has an off peak switch which comes on in the afternoon and evening as well as overnight.

    The current supplier is SSE who seem to be reluctant to either send someone out to check or give me an email address where I can send a photo. The last phonecall, the idiot suggested that I got in touch with the “housing company” (this is a private home) and ask that they clarify.

    All the advice suggests that we should be better off on an economy 10 rate rather than economy 7.

    Out of interest, if the teleswitch is coming on during the afternoon, does this mean it will be at the cheaper night rate on E7?

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