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    This website is excellent, I have just bought a new property which is off the gas mains. Having ripped out the storage heaters I have installed an electric combi boiler. This site was invaluable in helping me choose a supplier. I have now switched from SSE to Together Energy. I have submitted details of my tarrif through your web form. Keep it up.


    Thanks Colin, I’ve removed this link – I don’t want to be preferential towards any one supplier.


    Hi Mark,

    Your Ovo link no longer works. You might want to fix this as I’m more than happy to give you a kick back for the work you have put in on this site.


    Thanks Paul.
    I’ll check them out.


    Hello Tony,
    My supplier is EDF and I live in the South West Region. Please remember that EDF charges different rates for different regions, as do most companies, I believe.
    Since March 1st 2017 EDF prices have been raised, but then so have the other companies. My E10 off peak rate is now 6.93p +5% VAT.


    Hi Mark,

    Very helpful site here! Great stuff.

    Hi Paul
    That off peak rate looks really good. I’ve got an E7 meter for the domestic supply but two E10s for a hot water central heating system so the off peak rate is the key one for me. So I guess my question is: Who’s your supplier at 6.36p?


    I will go and crunch the numbers! Thank you. Paul


    Glad you found it helpful Paul!

    6.36p+VAT is actually a great off-peak rate, but the peak rate is the problem. If you can get at least 80% of your electricity usage into the off-peak time then you might find it’s still one of the cheapest options. Any less than that and you’ll probably be better off with a tariff that has a less punitive peak rate, but it’s worth crunching the numbers!


    Thank you again for your hard work on E10. I am in South West England and am on E10. I pay 19.56pp kwh for peak +5% vat. Seems to be most expensive in the country! 6.36 pp kwh for off peak. I guess I had better change company?
    Happy Christmas


    Thank you for all your work in compiling this, Mark.
    Really appreciated.
    Merry Christmas!


    Thank you for the updated information Mark, I have shared this to my facebook page and requested people to share it to spread the word. It’s not well publicised at all is it?


    Thanks Geoff, and all the best to you for 2017.


    Many thanks for your the information and the hard work you have obviously put into this. Have a great Christmas and a healthy and happy new year


    Many thanks for the information you have provided on your sites, using it I swapped to EDF from iON, with a small saving, I live in a McCarthy and Stone retirement complex, and moved in on iON, however there seems to be a new company in the running now to add to your list its called “Avro Energy”, this is useful for two reasons, they offer no Standing Charge option, and just charge a flat rate for both On and Off peak so no need to change the meter, I have monitored it against EDF and so far its about equal, but will become cheaper if I switch my heating on during peak periods, which may happen as it gets colder, one or two use this in our complex, as they use heating on all day, and off at night, the rates look very competitive, and easy to understand.


    Hi Richard

    We are with Green Energy. Hi standing charge (39.5p per day for 3 meter rates) but 6.31p per unit evening and stored heat, and 15.21p peak rate. Apparently the Tarriff is called “still”



    Thanks for a great resource; I’ve yet to find a supplier that advertises their Economy 10 prices!

    We’re currently with SSE Swalec (Standard Economy 10) and paying 14.09p (standing), 9.59p (off-peak) and 17.79p (peak). Looking forward to getting a better deal!


    Hi Mark,

    Great resource, many thanks.

    The problem I’m facing is trying to understand whether the meters I’ve got (I run a few properties where I pay the energy bills) are compatible with E10, and therefore whether I can just switch to iSupplyEnergy, or whether I have to first switch to someone who will fit a new meter.

    So far, Co-Operative Energy have told me they don’t do E10 any more, and Eon (one of my existing suppliers) have said that the existing meter isn’t compatible, but that they can’t give me an E10 quote until an E10 meter is installed, which will cost £65. They genuinely don’t seem to think that this is a bit back to front…

    So, my quest continues, but in the meantime, I take my hat off to you for actually getting rates from any of them!




    Thanks for your kind words, and I’d be delighted if you point people in the direction of the site. I’m due to do my annual summary of pricing so will keep you posted.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Mark,
    Thank you so much for this exemplary piece of work, especially as it is done on a voluntary basis.

    I provide energy advice to others and hope you don’t mind me blowing your trumpet by passing your information on to others and adding you to my FAQ list.

    Kind regards


    Excellent work Mark! I’ve been looking for alternative E10 suppliers for ages and just found your site via Google. I live in a large development of 140+ flats — all on E10 (all-electric) Thanks to your info I am already arranging to change over to OVO from EON and I suspect that many other owners and tenants here will wish to do the same!


    Thanks for your help, I’m on economy 10 and Finding price comparisons is a nightmare!!
    Kind Regards


    Thank you so much for your wonderful website and the time you have spent on it


    I’m eagerly awaiting the new prices as i’m just about to go on to economy 10 (I have just moved into a property with an air source heat pump and E7 is not working for me) I have to stay with my current company until March next year because I’ve applied for some sort of payment which people on low incomes can get and I have to wait until I get that in March before changing, after March I will be shopping around – thanks for a great blog, as there is little information about E10 online


    I have recently moved into a new apartment block and we all have new E10 meters installed by EON for all- electric underfloor heating. Bills are huge at the moment as we try to get used to this form of heating/electricity supply! The website is extremely helpful


    Good luck! 🙂

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