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    Thank goodness I stumbled across you! Just divorced and about to rent a property for the first time ever (I’m 51) and horrified to discover a prepay meter AND economy 10. I have no idea how either work so your site has been a godsend. At least I’ll now have some idea what they actually are! Will be back frequently to ensure I’m doing the right thing. Wish me luck. ^_^


    Thanks DC, glad to help!

    I’ve updated the main website so there’s lots more info at – have a look at ‘E10 Info’ (Overview, List of Suppliers) and ‘Prices’ (General Info, and May 2017 Survey)


    Well done on all the hard work you’ve put in here. I have been trying to help my
    daughter renew/change her E10 supplier and its a pain in the butt trying to get info from suppliers.


    Thanks Mark, yes it’s a voluntary activity so updates may be sporadic!

    Cheers, Mark.


    Well done, much appreciated.

    As you are doing it for “love” then no-one should criticise you, as you cannot devote as much time as someone that is being paid to do what you are doing.


    I’ve just moved to a property with an E10 meter and have been searching around for some info on the tariffs when I stumbled upon this site. This is just what I needed. Thanks so much for posting your findings.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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