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Will E10 be around in 2020?

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    I seem to be in the unusual position of having an E7 meter (confirmed by mpan – I think), but it gives E10 times. In view that I use around 76% cheap rate to heat the house ( converted from Storage to wet CH) I only scan for cheapest E7 rates. Currently with Scot Pow 12.5 day & 6 night with £120pa standing charge. My concern is when the Gov forces us to have smart meters and I cant see a smart meter coping with E10. Obviously I don’t want to change my meter (I want to keep E10 times) so will E10 still be around in 2020 ?


    Good question David. I only have limited info on this so far, but I know that Our Power will supply a smart meter configured with E10 times. They only supply in Scotland at present, but it’s an indication E10 may be around for a while yet.


    Thanks for letting me know. I was previously with Eon who said they could not provide smart meter with my setup. Also there was an article on Radio 4 about compatibility with the signals etc as they are changing to different protocol and therefore some meters may need changing again. Just looked on Smartenergy website and they quote “Smart meters that can support Economy 7 and Economy 10 are being developed by the industry and will be available to customers as the rollout progresses, and in the future all suppliers will be able to offer you a smart meter that works with the right tariff to suit your lifestyle and choice”
    So wait with bated breath


    I was talking to a guy on the beach, as you do, and he is putting in Smart meters for British Gas. He assured me that none of the companies who supply E10 are willing to spend the money developing a meter for us because there are so few of us left and they wish we would go away. I recently managed to get Eon to change my meter for a single two rate meter, still on E10, then changed supplier to OVO on a two year fixed rate deal. I don’t think any of the suppliers will give any guarantees beyond that.


    Ofgem has stuff about smart meters here

    but nothing about E10. I’ve put in an FoI request, let’s see what surfaces.

    Watch this space



    Interesting as British Gas now accepts e10 customers and this is a recent change. Nick I look forward to seeing what ofgem says, hats off to you!


    Still waiting on Ofgem. Have nagged them a couple of times, I’ll give them till the end of the month then complain to the Information Commissioner.


    Just for my pennyworth,
    You cannot be forced to have a smart meter.
    If you opt in that is your choice!

    There are many reasons why you might want to opt out.

    I have two sons who still live at home (22 and 27) both with Chronic Fatigue.
    We would not want the additional health threat to them.

    2.4Ghz is a microwave frequency that is used to transmit not only your data but everyone elses data via your meter as it is used as a retransmission point so smart meters can get the network coverage without installing additional hardware.

    Savings are caviated by “you have to turn things off” its not automated.
    There is only one reason Smart meters are being installed – so time of use (TOU) tariffs can be introduced.
    Canada and USA started it – a disaster – bills through the roof.

    Not on my door step – sorry rant over.

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