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    I am up for a rant if anyone is up for a read?

    Why are customers like me on E10 so disadvantaged?
    The few providers offering these tariffs, have the opportunity to operate in a monopolistic type manner and it is incredibly difficult to get clear information on tariffs across a fractured industry? (Thanks for your help Mark)
    It concerns me that other customers like myself are not being supported and as individuals have little hope in bringing about change. Surely, as a marginalised section of customers we should be better protected by the regulators, why does this not appear to be the case?
    (Ofgem please help us)

    As users of E 10 we help the industry by drawing load outside of the peak demands, thus making generation more cost effective, using spare generation capacity. It concerns me that most users are stuck with their expensive heating systems and are therefore possibly more vulnerable than other users who have no end of tariffs or suppliers to choose from.

    Another point I would like to raise surrounds the new smart meters, as I believe they were originally pitched that they would provide an opportunity to sell customers cheaper electricity, Off Peak ( sounds like a good idea!). This is quite obviously not the case as they are designed as single rate and after a recent enquiry I was advised the ‘smart meters’ at this point in time, will not support E10!
    Being very cynical by nature they will further increase supplier’s profits as remote reading will spell the end to the humble meter reader. Yes consumers will be able to view consumption (they could retrofit monitoring equipment at a far cheaper price) the main win fall will be to the suppliers once again. Free, no they are not! We will pay for them (£300 touted) the asset will be owned by the suppliers (I am led to believe) the only positive will be a more accurate bill but it comes at a cost!

    Phil (go on post away, it feels good to get it off your chest!)


    Hey Phil

    I hear you, when compared to E7 it looks as though we are being taken advantage of and with the prepayment price cap the likes of SSE are cheaper on prepay than DD on E10, suppliers are always going on about DD being cheaper to administer so they pass on the savings, that’s clearly not happening, the vast majority of the big six who offer E10 also only offer a variable tariff, I believe SSE being the exception so we pay their highest prices. Thankfully due to smaller suppliers offering e10 on e7 rates things have improved a little, but getting a supplier to confirm if they support e10 is inconsistent. I know ofgem investigated THTC heating(another legacy tariff) a few years back and they concluded it was competitively priced even though there was only one other supplier available to customers outside of the default regional supplier pre deregulation, it was difficult to switch to and they considered it a “premium” tariff so I wouldn’t hold your breath for ofgem to step in as they have with prepay.

    Re smart meters, I recently saw ofgem correct eon on twitter – A customer asked if they had to have a smart meter installed eon said yes, ofgem advised that everyone must be offered a smart meter by 2020 they are not obliged to accept it personally, watching eon backtrack was hilariou

    OK rant reply over


    I watched ” Watchdog ” on the television Wednesday evening, and thought what a good idea if all Economy 10 and Heatwise users were to get in touch with them, and put our case to them. Telling them the way we are getting treated and pushed into having to pay upto 20-25% higher prices for the same service from the Top 6 Electricity Suppliers.


    I’m in!!


    Vote with your feet if you can – switch to a supplier that charges you as if you have an E7 meter while you’re actually on E10. I was being gouged by SSE on their E10 rate and (thanks to this website) switched to OVO E7. Given that OVO don’t do E10, I wonder who is responsible for the meter installed by SSE?


    Hi Liam. Thanks for the rant. Just to let you know, smart meters do come in E10, I had one fitted in January this year. I am with our power and they fitted one no worries.

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