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    Yes I noticed this distinction came out as I was gathering the info. In the survey table I’ve included two columns which are ticked/crossed depending on: “E10 Meter Existing” (they will take you on but only if you already have an Economy 10 meter) and “E10 Meter Fit New” (they will take you on as a customer AND will fit a new Economy 10 meter if you want one).

    Cheers, Mark.


    Thanks Mark, really helpful. I have been trying to crunch the numbers as you say, but I cant honestly say that the times of the E10 are going to be much use for us. (Always out all day – so would only really benefit from the evening boost-8-10pm when we are thinking of turning the heating off and going to bed)! I did call Isuppyenergy but they don’t install meters so as we are currently on a one tariff meter they wont install a 2 tariff one for us, so that’s no good for us. I will keep exploring though. Thanks for your support 🙂


    Hi Sharon, thanks for the feedback, glad it’s helping.

    For E7 or E10 systems I’d always recommend having a friendly heating engineer or electrician check it out, as there are various different ways the systems can be put together. So there’s no ‘standard’ answer unfortunately. Hot water storage could mean one of two things: a) hot water for use in your hot taps (ie running water) or b) hot water to be pumped round your heating system (ie energy storage). The second, (b), is great for use with E10. The key to saving money with E10 is if you can shift your electric load into the off-peak times. If you also need to run your heating during the peak (expensive) times then you’ll need to crunch the numbers to check if it works out cheaper or not.

    Cheers, Mark


    Hi there, thank you so much for this website, I am tearing my hair out at the moment to get accurate information and this has been a great find! In summary, we were advised to come off our old E7 tariff to go onto a single tariff meter and have had major probs over the past 15 months with the company not being able to send me a bill (they have apologised but we are now having to go to Ofgem to sort). So now we have now been presented with a huge bill! We have all electric heating in a bungalow and after speaking the the electricheating company they suggested the only option for full electic systems really is to go to the economy10 system and they strongly suggested SSE. Just getting quotes at the moment, so it is wonderful to get the overview of other companies I can get a comparison from. I like the sound of the isuppyenergy company.

    However one question, I now know we have a ‘wet heating system’ apparently called a ‘direct acting system’. But some info states these systems can also heat the water to store overnight to use when we need it, in the large tank? I can see in this case it would be an advantage to have E7 or E10, but if it doesn’t do this, then what is the benefit of switching to E10? Is the only benefit to have the afternoon and evening boost. Confused.com. Appreciate any thoughts on how I can tell if we have any storage capacity to use later. Many thanks Sharon

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